Light Art by Benjamin Clegg

Artist, Designer and Creator of Rainbow in the Dark

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way

– Edward de Bono

I’m Benjamin Clegg and I live and work in the UK, although I have exhibited internationally. I’m a mixed media artist, with 35 years professional experience. I have run an event lighting business for the past 22 years. This has evolved into light art and Rainbow in the Dark.

I love all the mediums I work in; painting, sculpture, photography and film-making. But I feel that working directly with light art is my highest modality. I literally feel like I’m painting with light when I work, which is an exhilarating experience! Light has a powerful therapeutic effect and the ability to completely transform one’s state of being. I believe Light Festivals have the potential to transform whole societies…I’m constantly energised and inspired by the magic of this transformation.

Making light art meaningful

I’m fascinated by the principal of Phi and have been incorporating this into my artwork for the last 10 years. The Mandalas I produce, which are central to Rainbow in the Dark, are all created from filming the five elements (inc Aether). I then apply the Phi principal to the footage. Since discovering Dr Emoto’s research into water I have been filming sacred water sites in New Zealand and the UK.  Inspired by Dr Emoto, I have creating Phi maths based water mandala films. From water I progressed to filming the other elements.

For the fifth element I have been filming people’s left eye.  I am then able to capture and then amplifying that energy in the form of a personalised mandala. This can then be used as a meditative feedback loop. Please make contact if you wish to have a personal mandala created.

Education and passion

I first remember feeling drawn to the arts when I was five years old. The desire and ambition to create never left me, and so I pursued this passion through education. I started with a foundation course in St Martins, London. I then followed it up with an HND in mixed media from Plymouth College of Art. I finished my formal training at the University of Wales, completing my Masters in Innovation, Design and Technology.

Education exposed me to new ideas and techniques but they count for little unless driven by a passion to create. Creativity is such a part of who and how I am, permeating every aspect of my life. The vast majority of my learning and development has evolved with my experience of life. I value this more than any qualification.

Like the majority of artists, I mostly work solo, although I’m very open to collaboration. I help co-ordinate shared arts projects (and pooling ideas) at Mandala House, here in Devon. A festival demands team work to deliver great outcomes, and I’m all for pulling together to create amazing outcomes!

If you’d like a  wider picture of what I do, please visit my Portfolio Page.