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For your event lighting hire needs…

Take an MA in design and technology. Add a truckload of specialist lighting and a Nexo PA. Mix with extensive experience and the results speak for themselves.

35 Years Experience
Bringing the greatest resource to your event. The experience that takes the many tools of the trade and creates glorious visuals from them.
The Kit
I have amassed a large collection of equipment to meet your needs and creative ambition. Scroll down to find detailed lists of the light and sound equipment I can bring to your event.
All Events Great and Small
Having such a wide range of equipment allows me to easily scale up or down as need demands.
Lighting can make or break an audiences perception of your event. I bring every last bit of what I have in both experience and equipment to make that perception shine.

The Event Lighting Gallery

The Following images are from 5 years living and working in New Zealand.  I provided lighting, projection and lasers for small to medium sized festivals.

And briefly...

What I bring to your event

Since returning to the UK, Mandala Lighting has focused on Light Art installations, producing Rainbow in the Dark (as well as tree lighting) for six Light Festival / Trails all over the country.

However, this has led to Mandala Lighting investing in an excellent NEXO PA, offering high quality sound to small festivals. Both the light and sound are accompanied with a high level of creative expertise that creates unforgettable experiences at festivals and events.

The company owns:

Projection Equipment:

The Nexo PA:

Mandala Lighting is a solution to all your creative needs for lighting, projection and sound. The artistic input that creates truly memorable experiences comes from my career as a multimedia artist. Combined with 22 years in event lighting and a wide range of up to date equipment and you have your solution.

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