Creating Light Mandalas

The light mandalas - how they work

My primary inspiration comes from nature and her myriad bounty of patterns and forms. I use all the five elements (inc aether) when creating light mandalas.

Holographic, kaleidoscopic films are created from this footage and projected inside the Rainbow. By using the base mathematical formula that permeates nature (the Golden Mean) the energy captured in each element is amplified. This creates a deeply engaging light immersion that has been described by many as therapeutic.

This is just part of what sets Rainbow in the Dark apart from other light shows.

The following are the mandalas I currently use in Rainbow in the Dark. All the mandala films have a 21 minute duration.






Creating Your Unique Mandala


Creating your personal mandala

I also create stunning personalised mandalas especially for you by filming your left eye. I call this aether. Many people believe that the left eye is the doorway to the soul, and watching your own mandala can have powerful therapeutic benefits. Canvas prints are also available of your favourite screenshot. If you wish to have your own eye mandala created, please get in touch to arrange filming.


Mandala Portraits

Filming the whole face and combining it with the Phi ratio creates a mandala portrait: a beautiful, 21 minute personalised film.  I call this the Fifth Element. If you’d like a completely unique form of portrait, then please get in touch.  Desirable still frames from the films can be printed onto canvas in varying sizes.

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