The story behind the rainbow.


Rainbow in the Dark was the first piece of Light Art created by Benjamin Q, after practicing as a professional Artist for 25 years. He has been creating & evolving pieces of light art in six light festivals in New Zealand and the UK over the last 10 years. He has had an audience to his Light art immersions now in excess of 175,000 people, experiencing this majestic and mesmerising light art.

With 35 years professional practice as a Film maker, Photographer, Lighting Designer, Running an Event Lighting Company, Painter, Sculptor, Interior Design, Garden design, Benjamin’s work has culminated with working with what he feels is the highest modality, working as a Light Artist.

Show reel – Light up Trails 2020 Older showreel – Illuminate Festival, Plymouth

The piece of work known as ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ started off with a very simple idea of creating a rainbow with a seven watt, full spectrum laser.

The audience is invited to pass through the Rainbow and immerse themselves inside an ever expanding Rainbow tunnel that is created by the laser scanning a half circle of rainbow light. The Rainbow is held in the air with the use of water and smoke. https://vimeopro.com/clyngfilm/rainbow-in-the-dark

The Rainbow has evolved into a piece of light art that uses a bespoke seven metre water screen. Designs to create a far larger piece with the same concept are in the design stages.

Inside the rainbow laser projection, Benjamin has included another area of light art installations, which are mandala films. The mandala projections take the five elements of nature filmed with a high def. camera, and then using the Fibonacci Phi Golden Mean maths ratios, complex, multi layered films for projection and meditation are created.

The 5 Elements:-




Air 5th Element – Ether EYE Mandala

The complex maths layers that Benjamin has developed allows the 5 Elements of nature to be amplified in their Therapeutic healing properties and create mesmerising fractal landscapes to dance and immerse oneself in.

They serve as hypnotic and playful light projections, and also serve as meditions, where the individual can focus on their own soul being that can be captured on film and amplified to provide a therapeutic feedback loop. This is achieved by filming peoples left eye, (the door way to the soul) and creating the 5th Element Mandala’s.

Layering of Mandala Films with Rainbow laser light through a water screen, provides a constantly changing with the elements outside Light Art installation.

The whole experience can be enjoyed by all ages of people, with the Children seemingly finding great delight with screams of joy often being heard as they run through a water screen with umbrellas or not…

The Light art installation can be adapted to many scenarios and enjoyed in Light Festivals, light trails, Weddings, Parties and corporate events. Please make contact to discuss options for your own rainbow Light