Rainbow in the Dark

Rainbow in the Dark was the first piece of Light Art created by Benjamin Q, after practicing as a professional Artist for 25 years. He has been creating & evolving pieces of light art in six light festivals in New Zealand and the UK over the last 10 years. He has had an audience to his Light art immersions now in excess of 175,000 people, experiencing this majestic and mesmerising light art. With 35 years professional practice as a Film maker, Photographer, Lighting Designer, Running an Event Lighting Company, Painter, Sculptor, Interior Design, Garden design, Benjamin’s work has culminated with working with what he feels is the highest modality, working as a Light Artist.

The piece of work known as ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ started off with a very simple idea of creating a rainbow with a seven watt, full spectrum laser. The audience is invited to pass through the Rainbow and immerse themselves inside an ever expanding Rainbow tunnel that is created by the laser scanning a half circle of rainbow light. The Rainbow is held in the air with the use of water and smoke.

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Take a walk through Portsmouth and see the city in a completely new light.

From Thursday 18th – Saturday 20th November 2021, see local and national artists take to the streets for 3 nights of art and light installations. Wrap up warm, grab a hot drink, and stroll through the city soaking up the sights.


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