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Rainbow in the Dark

Captivating, surreal and utterly charming, Rainbow in the Dark has contributed its unique light art to festivals around the world

Unique and Engaging Light Art

Festival light art can, with hard work and flair, give rise to exceptional outcomes. Rainbow in the Dark is an ever evolving light art experience created by Benjamin Clegg which has captivated audiences internationally.

After working as a professional artist his whole career Benjamin became increasingly drawn to working directly with light. Over the past ten years combining light and geometries has been his main creative expression. As a result, Rainbow in the Dark is far from just another light show.

Within The Rainbow itself are morphing geometric shapes created from light and projected through a water screen and theatrical smoke. This combined effect of rainbows and geometries suspended in mist has been enjoyed and loved by audiences in both New Zealand and the UK.

Over 250,000 people have now experienced this magical and mesmerising light art installation. Rainbow in the Dark has been picked up by both national and international media each time it’s been updated and displayed.

People admiring Rainbow in the Dark Festival Light Art

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View or Interact? The Audience Chooses

The audience often choose to have fun immersing themselves inside the projection. Once inside they are surrounded by an expanding rainbow tunnel of magical, swirling, misty light. The Rainbow in the Dark is festival light art at it’s most interactive.

To see The Rainbow in action, visit the Video Gallery.

Rainbow in the Dark is an experience like no other. It has always provided the inspiration to keep growing and developing it. 

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